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Bluetooth drivers ‘tracked’ near Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Bluetooth drivers ‘tracked’ near Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Bluetooth drivers ‘tracked’ near Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Military released photo

If recent stories of "hacking and tracking", of both services and handheld devices, haven't creeped out the general public at large, the latest information on tracking Bluetooth users just might do it.

Drivers on Interstate 5, near Joint Base Lewis-McChord who use Bluetooth devices for communication, are now being tracked by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

But Bluetooth users should find comfort knowing that the state insists they are not gathering personal conversations-"only tracking your every move" in the name of traffic control.

The state has contracted this technology gathering to Transpro Group, a Kirkland-based "transportation information gathering" entity.

Traffic congestion on Interstate 5 between Olympia and Tacoma has been an issue since the interstate system was built in the 1950s. Multiple studies have been done and semi-solutions have been implemented; little has worked to solve the problem.

With increases in population around JBLM, the traffic snarls have only gotten worse over the years. This new technology promises to give the state more accurate information and hopefully, new methods to work on traffic solutions.

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