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Blues-rock musician, Charlie Oxford, to release debut album in March

Charlie Oxford debuts self-titled album in March
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Having played the guitar since the age of 11, and was moved by a soul-stirring song that is still heralded as a classic today, "That's Where It's At," by the legendary Sam Cooke. Through Cooke's soulful singing, Charlie Oxford, has incorporated this into his musicianship, which can be savored from his upcoming self-titled debut album. It covers music from all spectrums, from Cooke to James Morrison and John Mayer. Announced on January 15 by Rock Ridge Music, his debut album on March 11.

Through a Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2011, and raised $10,000 to fund his debut. Oxford has grown his fan base the old-fashioned way, organically; word of mouth and grass roots projects, including his live performances. He has also performed on the BMI Songwriter Stage at the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans, along with two consecutive performances at the BMI Key West Songwriters Festival. Oxford's debut album was produce by Adam Smith, whose work is featured on albums with Jason Reeves, Jordin Spaks, Danny Gokey, The Veronicas and Britt Nicole, among many others. The album was recorded at Welcome to 1979 Studios and the Evil 8-bit Robot Factory in Nashville. The album also included several popular musicians, adding their own talent in addition to Charlie's vocals and guitar-playing.

Oxford's debut album focuses on love and self-discovery. Says Charlie, "I write love songs and songs about finding yourself and getting up and doing something with your life." While his first beginnings were playing guitar, it wasn't until he was older that he found his voice with songwriting, and he says that "I remember being in Nashville thinking 'Charlie what the heck are you doing with your life?!" in earnest laughter. Overall, he wrote 50 songs with collaborating with his producer Adam Smith. Of all 50, only 10 of the best tracks were chosen for his self-titled debut album.

Songs like "Waiting For," are intricately poignant, with his blues-tinged guitar for the listener to feel the emotion of the song, and includes a horn section with a Hammond B3 organ. Of the single, Oxford says it's "about seeking out what's holding you back- be it a day job you hate or your lack of confidence-and freeing yourself to pursue your dreams." Other songs like "Letting Go" are ethereal and moody with a melancholic chorus. "That's about being humble and fighting selfishness to embrace love," says Oxford. His other single, "You & I" is also about love, but in a different way, with focus on true love. "It's a letter about how afraid I am to lose love," Oxford confesses.

If Oxford’s writing is confessional, it’s because he discovered his singing and songwriting while in college when he was coming of age. “It was so therapeutic expressing myself in song, it was like conversations with my soul. That period helped define who I am,” he says. Charlie Oxford grew up in Dallas listening to the local oldies station with his dad. In addition to James Morrison and John Mayer, Prince is a huge influence in his music also. Oxford's life experiences have contributed to his emotional and musical display of conveying the style and tone of his music.

“It wasn’t until college when I said, ‘Okay I can do this’ that music really become a calling,’” Oxford says thoughtfully. “To hold the CD in my hands justifies the process of growth. It feels so good to have done this record. I’m so proud of it, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone and show my gratitude for their support.”

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