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Blueprints to Wellbeing Spring Edition presented by Equinox Healing Therapies

Equinox Healing Therapies
Equinox Healing Therapies

April is here and soon it'll be time to get out in the sun and enjoy better weather. Equinox Healing Therapies is a group of practitioners who have come together to create a center where folks can come in and relax in a peaceful setting. Four times a year they present a selection of workshops called Blueprint to Wellbeing. You can attend one workshop or take advantage of a full day pass. Register below or just walk in and enjoy the day.

Saturday April 5th 2014
Come for the day, or choose one
or more presentations

9:30 - 10:45 "Let's Get it Started"
Alice Cale, CHC

New England Integrative Health Counseling
The title of and motivation behind this popular song can apply to many things in life - from organizing your closets to taking the first step toward a new lifestyle. When it comes to the daunting and easy-to-delay task of taking your health into your own hands, getting started with small, achievable and continual steps is key. Join us for this workshop and Step into Spring with a new attitude - learn about the new Jumpstart Health Programs - Get Real, Get Fit, Get Well!

11:00 - 12:15 Keep Calm and Just Respond
Kathy Williams, CSMS, Honor Wellness

When your stress levels are high, you are more likely
to react immediately vs. responding thoughtfully. Discussion will include instances that could have been handled differently, and how a quick reaction can affect a relationship with a significant other, family member, friend or acquaintance. We'll consider ways to process thoughts before responding.

12:30 - 1:45 Relationship between Mothers and Daughters
Janette Conlon, Life Enhancement Coach and Psychosysthesis Guide

When you look in the mirror who do you see looking back at you? This workshop is designed to help you connect to your uniqueness and your divine essence. We will be exploring our family lineage and patterns carried down through the generations and how our uniqueness gets distorted because of old traditional patterns. It's time to see your own self in the mirror again.

2:00 - 3:15 AROMATHERAPY: Holistic Healing with Essential Oils
Rev. Claire L. North, MSS, MFA

Humanity has a history with essential oils spanning thousands of years, from ancient Sumeria and Egypt to its present-day use in childbirth, preventative, and elder care in Europe. Aromatherapy has established consistency in its healing spectrum for body, mind, emotion, and spirit. My presentation will introduce the history of aromatherapy, 5 basic essential oils, and basic instruction on how to use them in your daily life as part of your personal healing regimen. Rev. Claire is certified by Joan Radford's DeFraine School of Aromatherapy.

Equinox Healing Therapies, 5053 Main Street
Manchester Center, Vermont
Day Pass $30, individual presentations $10
Light refreshments will be served
REGISTER at the door or call:
More information (802) 362-3911 extension 3

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