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Blueprints for Eden Mulholland's new EP

Artists have different ideals for what the perfect album would entail. Many feel that an underlying theme should make the record cohesive. Others may feel that it's important to show the versatility of the musician right away for dynamic sound. If you lean more towards the latter opinion, Eden Mulholland may be a name to look into. He will be releasing a digital EP called “Body Fight Time” on June 13 of this year.

There are seven tracks, some of which have been previously released on other albums. What's so great about that? There's a music video for almost every song already.

“Body Fight Time” starts out serious and melancholic with a touch of opera style vocals. The music video pairs that with a couple doing trust falls and dancing against a white backdrop. Then, the song starts to get more upbeat and the visuals play with slow motion jumping. Suddenly, it swings into rock style with guitar solos. The driving beat is set to images of cars on the move and then the display evolves into hypnotic twirls of superimposed duplicate dancers with a flower overlay. Like a bell curve, the sound and presentation go back to the frantic automobiles and ends back on the somber white.

“Blueprint” has infectiously positive lyrics while playing the piano. He mentions building things like monuments, blueprints, and a legacy. In the music video, there are ballet dancers showing off their moves and he sings into a light bulb. We love the metaphor of giving life to an idea, but it's also nostalgic. Who doesn't see that and reminiscence about singing into hair brushes and playing air guitar?

There are two music videos for “Mekong Delta,” one is the mastered version and the other is a live recorded version. The first one features him playing the guitar and the drums. There are animated clips and other images. A repeating theme is showing samples of the lyrics to the song on a computer. The visuals alternate between that and close-up shots of him singing. If you pay attention, you'll notice that he's dancing in the background in other scenes. He used to be a contemporary dancer and it shows. As for the live version, the ladies will love his accent. He reveals that “Melong Delta” is not about Vietnam at all. It's a love song and you get to see him play the keyboard and the drums.

“Cry Cry Cry” is the only track on this new album without a music video. We're hoping Eden Mulholland will change that. However, it's available for your listening pleasure here. As for “Shanty Town,” the main theme of the video is swimming and playing with reverse replay. “I Will Echo” has a fun repetition that will have you parroting the words and the music video shows fun with balloons. Need we say more?

The album ends with “Beside Itself,” which is a spin on the classic latin song “Gloria In Excelsis Deo.” This track is more electronic than the rest of the album. It's ingenious to combine a hymn from late antiquity with a modern favorite - percussion focused party song. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Keep up with his latest news on Facebook and Twitter. Remember, look out for “Body Fight Time” in June!

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