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Bluegrass human trafficking in 2014

Human trafficking in the Commonwealth is hard to stomach but it is reality. It is a criminal act so atrocious that it sounds like a horror film straight out of Hollywood, California. If only people knew that these crimes were happening right here in Central Kentucky.

Human trafficking is one of the largest crimes in the world and 90% of the criminal acts involves sex slavery according to the national statistics. Individuals of all economic and social status as well as age can become targets for the trade of human trafficking and sex slavery. Human trafficking is a crime of coersion, force as well as fraud. Sex trafficking occurs when an individual is sexually exploited for the means of a profit for an individual or organization of some sort.

These atrocious crimes are difficult to imagine and hard for a person to actually wrap their heads around such criminal acts. People know that adults as well as children are sold into sex slavery on a daily basis but the problem is actually catching them. Individuals are literally stripped of their dignity, respect and humanity with the crime of human trafficking. They are treated exactly like a slave and it is just sad. This is a current problem everywhere and Interstates 64 & 75 allows the trafficking to occur throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Adults and children are being picked up in a bus or truck stop as well as any local mall. Each case is difficult to swallow. One would never understand the cruelty involved. One Kentucky task force states that parents are selling their one year old children for a "quick fix" and drugs or money. This is just sickening just to think about.

There is some new hope however. A new law was passed for any of the human trafficking victims that are in the state of Kentucky. This law grants power over the criminals that perform such crimes as well as strenghtens a victim's rights as well. This is good news. So if you think that someone you know may be a victim, please feel free to call the human trafficking hotline @ 1-888-373-7888.

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