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Blue whale capsizes boat: San Diego boaters get close to two giants

A blue whale capsized a boat about 12 miles off the coast of San Diego on Wednesday, and the incident was all caught on camera. The boaters and the footage both managed to survive the close encounter without any real damage. Yahoo News reported on the incident on July 3.

Dave Fink was out whale watching on Cici Sayer's boat on Wednesday, but he had no idea he would get that close to one of the giant creatures. He was close to two of them though. Around noon on Wednesday, the man was taking photos of the giant whales about 12 miles off the coast of San Diego. It is the start of whale season, and he had his attention focused on the two whales. At the time he spotted them, they were about 150 yards away from the boat.

The next time he saw the two creatures, one was coming up next to the boat, and the other came up underneath it. It is the second whale that caused the most damage, and it is the first whale that is shown in Fink's footage. The footage shows the first whale coming up next to the boat with its mouth open wide. It is feeding on the krill that is found on the top of the water. Another boat saw the incident, and they pulled the two out of the water. In an interview shown in the video above, it is reported that the captain revealed the creatures were about 80 feet long.

Dave Fink detailed his encounter with the whales on his Facebook page on Wednesday. He gave a full account on the events surrounding the capsize of the boat he was on earlier that day. He said the following:

"Neither I nor the captain was hurt save for minor bruises. The captain was doing her best to follow good whale-watching practices by maintaining a distance of greater than 100 yards (I would say we were about 150 yards away) and going into neutral once the whale turned to cross the bow, but unfortunately the whales came up exactly behind us with no time to react."

He went on to confirm once again that his captain did all that could be done to protect the safety of the animals. Cici Sayer is a known whale watch guide with 20 years experience. NOAA has strict guidelines in place to protect the large ocean mammals. Following the incident in San Diego, Monica DeAngelis from NOAA, said the following, according to Pete Thomas Outdoors:

"I think this is a great reminder, more than anything else, that these are wild animals and you are visiting their home. This animal was feeding and likely didn't purposely hit that boat–it was just doing what it does when it feeds. These folks are extremely lucky they didn't get seriously injured or worse."

DeAngelis went on to state that she would like to talk to the photographer to learn more about the incident. She also wants to find out what happened to the two whales involved. The photo Fink managed to take just as the whale comes up is one photo people will be amazed by. Dave and the captain from the boat are both very lucky to be okay. What do you think? Have you ever been out whale watching? How close have you been to something so large?

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