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Blue Water Review

Blue Water
Blue Water
Blue Water

We have been trying to figure out just what to do with the different water types ever since Blue Water Alchemy LLC sent them over for review! Granted, we were sent plenty of instructions. However, like most spiritual endeavors, we need a guide as to which water to have and what our statement of intent should be.

See, a statement of intent is important for many spiritual endeavors. It serves many purposes. They can also be difficult for us to write, for whatever reason. In fact, we needed 3 of them when we learned reiki, at 3 different junctures and this was a real challenge sometimes. Why? We do not know. Nevertheless, we will persevere.

At first, we were trying different waters on different days. We were shown that this could be done better. Hence, we began using the, "Milk & Honey" water for the past two weeks.

As a result of having done this, our insight has gotten a little stronger. We have received a certain clarity as well. For now, these are small changes. However, the norm for us is to grow by leaps and even more leaps and really, it doesn't matter how the changes take place. We note our progress merely as a means of recording them.

As of today, we will be trying the, "White Light - Ormus." We've been attracted to this package since the first day we saw it! Perhaps, it has been speaking to us all along? It's funny how insensitive this sensitive can be.

What will we accomplish with the consumption of White Light? We do not know. However, we will report our findings. For now, we are enjoying the path.

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