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Blue State rejects in-state tuition for illegal aliens

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Last week was busy for me even after defeating the Pulaski Technical College Millage Tax. I just found out that the Legislature of New York State rejected a magnet for illegal aliens. In-state tuition for illegal aliens was defeated by 1 vote earlier today. A Sandinista Communist was elected Mayor of New York City over a Libertarian not long ago in this blue state, so it was surprising to see this act of hispandering fail.

I was part of the grassroots effort to defeat the Republican and Democrat party leadership at the time and stop in-state tuition for illegal aliens in Arkansas. Since then, reforms by people like myself have resulted in the Republican Party of Arkansas rejecting in state tuition for illegal aliens. The failures of both political parties to deal with illegal immigration has resulted in independent movements like Remember1986 and Young Americans for Liberty. I attended the Young Americans for Liberty Arkansas Convention Saturday where I had to deal with the illegal alien issue. I'll write about that later. Details of this story are below.

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe wants to make us more dependent on 3rd world energy.

What will happen when an illegal alien does this in Arkansas?



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