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'Blue screen of death' hits some iPhone 5s owners

Most people have heard of the "blue screen of death". The BSOD is so famous that it even has its own Wikipedia page. The "blue screen of death" usually appears on Windows machines when they near the end of their useful life. But it also appears on PlayStation and other gaming consoles (although the Xbox 360 develops a "red ring of death", rather than the BSOD). Now the "blue screen of death" is starting to appear on some new iPhone 5s units, according to an Oct 11 report in "c/net".

A few owners of iPhone 5s have posted messages on Apple support communities saying that the screens of their iPhone 5s handsets are unexpectedly turning blue right before the phones themselves unexpectedly reboot. Apparently, this has been an issue since the day the iPhone 5s was launched.

While a few users report that the BSOD appears when they are using the "ESPN ScoreCenter" app, most say that the "blue screen of death" appears while they are using Apple's spreadsheet app, "Numbers".

"Numbers" is Apple's equivalent of Microsoft's "Excel". Like "Excel", "Numbers", lets you build spreadsheets with intelligent tables and impressive charts. One of the most useful features of "Numbers" is that a user can have one copy of "Numbers" on an iPhone and another copy of "Numbers" on an iPad. When a user makes changes to one "Numbers" spreadsheet on an iPhone, for example, the iPad copy of this spreadsheet is automatically synched via iCloud.

And the cause of the "blue screen of death" seems to reside in this automatic synching.

So, until Apple releases an iOS 7 update that fixes this bug, it is suggested that all iPhone 5s owners whose iPhone 5s is plagued with the BSOD, do this workaround:

Tap Settings>iCloud>Documents and Data>toggle off "Numbers", "Pages" and "Keynote" so they don't synch with iCloud.

"Numbers", "Pages", and "Keynote" are three productivity apps that Apple now includes free on all new iOS 7 iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch units (along with "iPhoto" and "iMovie").

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