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Blue Ribbon's famed chicken has earned itself a bun

The Blue Ribbon fried chicken sandwich
Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon has earned a name for itself in the fried chicken game (and far, far beyond). Now, they're upping the ante on their original creation, giving it a new home and a new style - their famed matzo-crusted fried chicken is now boneless, and served on a bun.

For the first time in the restaurant's history, the crispy, crunchy edible bird is available in sandwich form, and it's been a blazing success so far. Dubbed simply the "Blue Ribbon," this sandwich comes with the standard tomato and lettuce topping package as well as their homemade "special sauce" and, if you so choose, some house-pickled peppers for a spicy kick.

This sandwich is the perfect on-the-run lunch treat to perk up your week (or celebrate that it's Friday), and is available now starting at only $7 a pop. Snag yourself a taste of the deep-fried treat at Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, located at 28 E 1st Street, just off 2nd Avenue.

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