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Blue Plate Oysterette Open on 3rd Street

Charles Ryan

Oyster lover (and Examiner) Charles Ryan went to dinner last night at the newly-opened Blue Plate Oysterette on 3rd Street. The reviews are in and it's a thumbs up for BPO!

Blue Plate Oysterette
Charles Ryan

Near the corner of 3rd and Crescent Heights, this will be a popular place this summer. Great al fresco dining. Seafood. Great staff.

Maybe it's because it was a Saturday night, or the result of it being brand new, or LA's love of oysters (or a mixture of all the above): the place was BUSY. At 9pm every table was full as well as there being a crowd of people under the restaurant's neon oyster sign anxiously awaiting a table. Highly suggest sitting outside - it's summer, plus the acoustics are better. Decor-wise Blue Plate has some interesting quirks (like the old maps on the tables), perfect lighting, and a mermaid (to further the whole theme.)

If you've been to Blue Plate before, in Santa Monica, then you know: they know oysters. From Examiner's vantage point outside there was a board detailing which oysters were available (split by East Coast versus West Coast varieties.) Final decision: all West Coast oysters - mainly because they usually run BIG. (Best of the bunch: Fanny Bay oysters.)

Keeping it under the sea - fish tacos and prawn cocktail were also had. The portion of fish tacos was great - heavy on the fish, sweet sauce, deliciousness. The prawns were... prawns (big and also delicious.)

All the while one, or two, or three glasses of sangria were consumed. A white wine variety. Tastes almost tropical. Absolutely alcoholic and fantastic. Note: they don't have their liquor license (yet.)

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