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Blue October w/ IAmDynamite and Sister Soleil at Mid-America Center

Blue October - Justin Furstenfeld (lead vocals)
Blue October - Justin Furstenfeld (lead vocals)
Theo Hamilton

Mid-America Center

Theo Hamilton

Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, IA has a great set up and location to host concerts of any size. They are among all of the casino's that are located right off of I-80 as soon as you enter Council Bluffs from Omaha, NE. Their location is ideal because it is directly off of the interstate and it is very easy to find, and the parking lot is easy to get into and clears quickly after their events.

Blue October

On October 7th, 2011 Blue October came to the Mid-West for a performance once again. They do this every year in the fall, usually around October and they always do an amazing job, or so I have heard. This was the first time that I have ever seen them in person, but I have been a fan of theirs for years now, and I was greatly impressed by their performance.

After listening to their new album "Any Man in America" I really didn't know what to expect. My thoughts about the new album were kind of uncertain, because I was comparing them to Blue October's past albums. However, I was mistaken because after this concert I now have a great appreciation for their new album as well. You could tell that lead singer, Justin Furstenfeld, has a lot of emotions wrapped up in this album.

I went to this concert with my girlfriend and we were both rather disappointed with the way that the band performed their single "Into the Ocean" because they made the audience sing the majority of this song, and the parts that Justin did sing along with he mixed up and honestly neither of us were very impressed. However, later in the evening the band performed their hit single "Hate Me" and this was a treat for everyone involved. You could tell that the whole band was just pouring their heart into this song, still after all this time that it has been out, and the audience was doing the same. It was amazing!

Overall I was very impressed with the performance that Blue October put on and really would love to see them perform again, which shouldn't be that difficult since they seem to come around about once a year.

It was a little funny though how lead singer, Justin, kept speaking of Nebraska and how much he loves it here. He also announced, "My daughter, Blue, lives here with you guys, so take care of her". All of this talk about Nebraska was kind of funny however, since the Mid-America Center is actually located in Iowa.

There were two bands that opened for Blue October that evening, one of them was a newer band called "IAMDYNAMITE" and the other "Sister Soleil".


IAmDynamite was a great way to kick off the show. This band was very entertaining and I was really quite impressed with the show that they put on considering it was only 2 men. They both came on stage in white jumpsuits and the lead singer, Christopher Martin, was very energetic when he came on the stage and was bouncing all around and playing like a kid that woke up on Christmas morning and found a new guitar under the tree, after drinking one too many RedBull.

I found this to be quite entertaining however, and I would guess that this band is just starting their career. With the help and support of drummer and backup vocalist, Chris Phillips, I believe that this performance was quite a success. I enjoyed every minute of it because they reminded you every minute that they were on stage why you were at the concert in the first place, to have fun!

Sister Soleil

I was unable to find a website for Sister Soleil which really didn't surprise me too much. I honestly believe that the reason for this is that no one would want to waist the time to create a web page for a band that sucked as bad as this one does.

Sister Soleil came out on stage in nothing but, what could have been easily mistaken for her bra and panties, plus a tutu. Even though the lead singer, Stella Soleil, is a rather attractive blonde woman she was really out of place for this concert and I am still confused with the reason as to why she was even there. Her music was not at all, even close to the type of music that the other two bands were played.

The stage was darker for most of the concert, which was a relief for those who were in the back and seats since they didn't have to watch the awkward movements (which I believe was supposed to dancing) that, Stella, was doing on stage while she squeaked out the words.

Even though Sister Soleil was a huge damper on the way that the evening started, I still am now and always will be a huge Blue October fan. They put on an AMAZING show and I would highly recommend checking them out if you ever get the opportunity. Overall I would say that with 2 out of 3 of these bands being worth paying to see, the concert was a success, and I believe that anyone that was there would agree.


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