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Blue Nile, from Spoken Word to Hip Hop

Blue Nile, Minneapolis
Blue Nile, Minneapolis

The Blue Nile, located at 2027 Franklin Ave E. (612-338-3000), is a restaurant, bar and music venue rolled into one.  Featuring native Ethiopian cuisine for over 20 years now The Blue Nile offers a full menu from 4pm until 10pm during the week and until 11 on the weekend, with the bar open until 2am most nights of the week.  With a decor somewhat reminiscent of an Italian bistro, with large open archways and lots of wrought iron, large tile floors and wine glasses hanging over the bar, The Blue Nile feels comfortable and even cozy despite it's multiple dinning rooms and stage for performances. 

With a range of premium to rare beers on tap (Delirium Tremens among the most surprising) and good deals on domestics and lower shelf beers ($2.25 for Hamm's in a can during select hours on the weekends) The Blue Nile has a good lot to offer those looking to imbibe.  With a solid event calendar full of poetry open mics and nights geared towards "lovers of rock and reggae"  The Blue Nile could find it's niche in the local music scene with fewer and fewer venues willing to host Hip Hop events, especially since the closing of the Dinkytowner

The stage on the first floor (they purport to have a basement dance area as well which was not open the night of review) has a solid sound system and as Carnage took to the stage last Friday, building beats with nothing more then his mouth for percussion and an FX pad, the crowd was visibly drawn into the performance, as kung fu movies played on mute on several large screens.  This particular event, known as "The Breaks!" is a once a month occurrence pairing live Hip Hop with Kung Fu film.  More details on "The Breaks!" can be found on facebook and more info about The Blue Nile's event calendar can be found here