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Blue Moon Yoga's Spring Classes and Workshops are among the City Secrets of Exeter, New Hampshire

Starting with the lowest common denominator - the toes.
Starting with the lowest common denominator - the toes.

Exeter, New Hampshire is filled with City Secrets and one of the best is the Blue Moon Yoga Center. The building at 8 Clifford Street is not that easy to drive to even though it's within several hops, skips and jumps from the corner where NH 108, 111, and 27 cross the Exeter River Bridge. Reason? The one way street goes the other direction, but Googlemaps will get you there.

Yoga teacher, Daniella Kulik coaches this class at Blue Moon Yoga in Exeter, New Hampshire
Gail Hunter 2010

Julie Rost is the originator of Blue Moon Yoga and has expanded it to serve all followers, regardless of experience. She is also the director of the YogaLife Institute of New Hampshire. She has addressed them in her website:

Dear Yoga Community,

As Director of the YogaLife Institute of New Hampshire, I welcome you to our website. We believe it will respond to a need that Yoga students and teachers have for greater connection and community. It is also an opportunity to share Yoga's rich lineage of philosophy, science, spirit and practice which, though timeless in its presentation, often needs some interpretation for the Western student of a different era and cultural understanding.

In addition to regular excercise classes, Blue Moon has several workshops including:

  • Prenatal Yoga Workshop
  • Exploring our Chakra System - A Journey of Discovery
  • Spring Renewal Yoga Retreat
  • Lovingkindness Meditation Workshop
  • Yoga and Drawing - Practices for Self-Discovery
  • Intro to Yoga for Children

Anyone who wonders what Yoga is all about should look into Blue Moon Yoga in Exeter. The classroom is a light and airy space above the Blue Moon Cafe on Clifford Street.


  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    Yoga might come in handy after sampling the deep fried cinnamon donuts.

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