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Blue Fin Sushi: Ethnic Food at Its Finest

Blue Fin Sushi is one of the best sushi restaurants in Henderson, Nevada. Most ethnic food connoisseurs enjoy their experience at this particular restaurant. Attention is paid to every detail from service to the fresh cuts of fish. The prices are affordable and the presentation is impeccable.

The restaurant possesses a quiet ambiance that you can enjoy, with friends, family, dates or a contemplative dinner alone. The staff is accommodating and eager to make the experience memorable each visit. The portions are plentiful. All you can eat sushi bars are available, as well as, ala carte menus.

Sushi may come in a variety of types:


This type of sushi consists of a rice mound compacted into an oblong shape and served with a selection of fish on top. Often the fish is salmon, tuna, unagi, ika, or anago. Wasabi may also be added for a spicy flavor enhancement.


This is a most common type of sushi. Fish, vegetables and other ingredients are often wrapped in nori or seaweed and cut into cylindrical rolls for presentation.

Western Sushi

California rolls are the most commonly ordered sushi in Americanized cultures. The preparation is similar to Makizushi with rice, cucumber, avocado, and crab rolled in nori or seaweed paper and cut into cylindrical rolls for presentation.

The health benefits of sushi can be remarkable. It contains omega-3 fatty acids from the fish and essential vitamins from the vegetables. Because the fish is served raw, the ethnic diner does not have to be concerned about added fats from oils. The fish is order soaked in vinegar to kill parasites before serving the food to guests.

The restaurant is immaculate. It is small and quaint, accommodating approximately 34 guests at the bar. The environment is incredibly relaxing, possessing a Zen-like atmosphere for each ethnic diner that visits. Blue Fin Sushi and Roll is definitely one of the best dining experiences away from the Las Vegas Strip.

Services, such as provides ethnic diners the added benefit of ordering to their home or office for dinner parties or business meetings. The restaurant is truly a remarkable dining experience for all to enjoy. If you are seeking an overall quality, ethnic dining experience away from the strip, consider Blue Fin Sushi and Roll.

Chef Jin Chang is waiting to showcase his culinary and cutlery skills at the following address:

3980 E. Sunset Rd. #102
Las Vegas, NV 89120
(702) 898-0090


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