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'Blue Dog' Democrat exposed as drug company shill by Rachel Maddow

Republicans, Democrats, it doesn't matter. None of these politicians are working for the American people. And I have a sneaking suspicion that this has been the case for a long, long time.

Multiple choice pop quiz: Who do you suppose has more influence over political policy?

a) a drug or pharmaceutical company and their lobbyists

b) a health insurance company and their lobbyists

c) Moe, the exhausted overnight stock boy at Wal-Mart

d) both a and b and never c

The answer, of course, is “c.” Just kidding. No offense, Moe.

A depressing but probably true opinion of the leaders of our country is that they've all been cherry-picked by the most powerful corporations and interest groups long before the average American has ever even heard their names. This is not to say these men and women weren't idealistic once upon a time, but once they've reached the national political stage it's the powerful elite pulling the strings.

Enter the “Blue Dog” Democrats. Or as I like to call them, the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Dog Democrats; prepackaged “Liberals” standing up for for-profit health. They are supposed “fiscally conservative” Democrats who have decided to fight real, substantial health care reform tooth and nail.

But why? They say because of the potential cost of such an endeavor. But even we know that the scary cost of real health care reform (including single-payer or a true public option) is just a red herring. America has the dough, people. We can afford to cover everyone in this country if we really want to. Maybe just shave a percent or two off the bloated defense budget? That right there would be enough to take care of all Americans.

No, the “Blue Dogs” are fighting universal coverage because they are simply this: bought and paid for by the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Want proof? Here's a clip from The Rachel Maddow Show.

And Fox News junkies, take note! This is investigative journalism with substance. Ms. Maddow wants to inform the American people about things that really matter, and not just moan night after night about some entry-level employees of the evil and nefarious ACORN acting under-trained and moronic.

Bravo, Rachel. Fair and Balanced means you actually report the wrongdoings on both sides of the aisle. But to Fox News, there's the Right side of the aisle and there's...well, Hell itself I guess.


  • smerls 5 years ago

    "And I have a sneaking suspicion that this has been the case for a long, long time."

    Gee do you really think so?? Is this suppose to be some kind of revelation that politicians are bought and paid for by industry?? You ever hear of Chris Dodd, he is on the senate banking committee?? Michael Moore the hero of the left in his new movie pointed out how he was in bed with the mortgage companies like country wide. Others have pointed out his connection to Fannie Mae and how he part of the friends of "Angelo" program along with president Obama and several others. Or how about the swinging door policy between the treasury and goldmen Sachs??

    The fact is this has been going on since our founding fathers. This crony capitalism is a direct decedent of the Hamilton wing of the revolution. It has been known as mercantilism or more recently Fascism, more the Mussolini kind rather than the hitler kind. This is nothing new and should not be a surprise to anyone!!

  • smerls 5 years ago

    Also.... "America has the dough, people"..

    Really?? Ever hear of David Walker, the former comptroller of the US? How about Prof. Kent Smetters, Deputy Secretary of Economics At the U.S. Treasury in the early part of this decade?? According to both of them and others the US is broke or at least the US government is broke and since the US government is basically us, we are broke!!

    Why do they say this...I don't have the exact number but the present value of the US governments unfunded liabilities is around 70 trillion. That means the US government needs in the bank today 70 trillion dollars to meet it future obligations. Medicare accounts for something like 80% of the figure while social security accounts for 15% of that.

    Now you may be correct in that the yearly amount we spend on health care could be paid by "Americans" But the government itself is broke, programs like Medicare are broke and adding a single payer/public option is just going to make us all the more broke!

  • Scott Gibbs 5 years ago

    smerls, unfortunately I think alot of people do need to be reminded that our politicians are nothing but front-men for corporate America. So many people are completely married to one party or the other that they can't see the forest for the trees.

    And as far as America being broke, we sure don't act like it. End the B.S. wars in the Middle-East, there's your savings; shave defense, there's your savings; stop the corporate welfare, there's your savings. It's not a matter of finding "new" money, we need to re-prioritize the cash we're already spending. But that'll be a cold day in hell, I'm sure.

  • smerls 5 years ago

    I think we actually agree on something, like ending the wars..I would go further.. we need to shut down the "empire" that is close unneeded bases around the world and bring troops home from places like South Korea/Germany. I also agree we should stop corporate welfare/subsidies for corporations which contributes to the crony capitalism.

    What we would disagree on is how to do it.Government itself is not evil but with all the money floating around it is easy for politicians to get corrupted. There are no restrictions that a truly free market would place on them. Right now we say that if we had the right person in office that everything will be fine but that is not the case. Our founding fathers or at a good portion of them realized this. They drew up the constitution and then the bill of rights to curb government power rather than to give individuals "rights" exactly for this reason.However we have perverted this idea and look at what we have corruption worse then could have imagine

  • Scott Gibbs 5 years ago


    This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

    just kidding. Keep bashing me. I'm a big boy, I can take it. And you always make me think.

  • TommyDeusser 5 years ago

    Nicely done, Scott. I've actually been on this train for the last couple of weeks (Worcester County Progressive Examiner), and it's scary to see the direct line from Big Pharma and Health Insurance Companies to Baucus, Conrad, Lincoln and Grassley.

    It's NOT an accident. It's damned close to what amounts to a kickback.