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Blue Dog Cycles revisted in time for spring

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"They" say spring is here. The weatherman says spring is here. The calendar says spring is here. The robins say spring is here. Okay, yesterday measured to 58 degrees as the sun was hanging in the western sky. Today, "they" say the temperature will reach 60 degrees or more and tomorrow will be in the 30s. Spring is here!

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Two days ago a cyclist pedaled laboriously into the wind as he rode down the street. He looked really cold! He looked really exhausted! He looked as though he wanted to be home and sitting by the heat. He didn't look like spring!

Okay, it will happen any day. Temperatures will warm and the sky will brighten and the next day will be the same or better, and so on. It does happen every year. Perhaps this year will be the same.

As soon as the weather looks promising enough to take a long get-a-way weekend Rising Sun is calling. The roads are great. The scenery is fantastic and you can start your trip by planning a long day of riding, followed by a great meal at "The Driftless Café" not too far from Blue Dog Cycles.

Blue Dog Cycles is the perfect place to start and end your ride. Good bikes, good food and good shopping. Driftless & Carefree! See if you can find it. It's worth the time.

Always wear a Helmet & Happy Cycling