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Blue Diamond Review

You will most likely know Blue Diamond by their Almond Breeze milk, but they also have a variety of flavoured almonds (including baking and coffee almonds!) and crackers, as well; all grown by a cooperative of farmers in orchards in California. Their products are Non-GMO and kosher; free from all the things that one with an allergen, or just health conscious, may not wish to see in their ingredient list: cholesterol, saturated fat, dairy (inc. the all too popular casein and lactose), preservatives, MSG, soy, wheat & gluten, and of course, any animal derivatives. They are made delicious by the sweetening of evaporated cane juice and all natural flavours. To aid in this, scrupulous preventative procedures are adhered to ensure that there is no cross-contamination by dairy and pathogens, utilizing astringent practices and a process called ‘ultra-pasteurized HTST’ (which stands for high temperature and short time). Almonds are low on the sugar spectrum and provide a plethora of nutrients that nourish your body - calcium, copper, fiber, folic acid, iron, magnesium, manganese, niacin, phosphorous, potassium, protein, riboflavin, and vitamin e – making the cut for the super foods list. Additionally, scientific evidence reveals that almonds may aid in the diminution of blood cholesterol as well as that of the incidence of heart disease. As an added bonus, the combination of protein, fiber and monounsaturated fats found within almonds also helps one to feel satiated and thus maintain a healthier diet (and don’t we all what that?) Blue Diamond also does its part for the environment by making cartons which are recyclable (also BPA free, which is good for you!). They also give back to the community through being involved in such causes as the Sacramento American Heart Association Walk, (raises funds for cardiac health programs in the local area), and donating Christmas Drive for the Washington Children’s Center, (a centre for childcare in Sacremento, which dedicates itself to aiding students in attaining their full potential, including academically). Lastly, they are a sponsor of Cristo Rey High School, (a network of that exists nationally to *provide aid to students with *limited financial means). The milk is smooth and creamy; a texture that is created by the high fat content (monounsaturated – the very best kind!) that can be found in almonds and the thickening and emulsifying properties of carrageenan, (from seaweed). The almond flavour is enjoyable without being overwhelming, which also makes it good for cooking & baking. So enjoy knowing that with each glass you drink, you are being part of a good thing. Website: