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Blue Cross Blue Shield "Walk On!" program a success

child eating healthy.
child eating healthy.
EFS, Inc.

With the help of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, schools within the state of Arizona seemed to have successfully implemented a fitness program that has produced results among fifth graders. The program included 10,000 students and was titled “Walk On!”. The main goal, teach them the importance of daily exercise. The results? The overall program ended with a 21% increase in students who exercised 60 minutes or more a day.

Those that implemented the program met their goals in part by having rewards for the students. Students that could exercise for 60 minutes everyday in February (1680 minutes total) would then be eligible for winning either a Wii (there were 5 available) or an i-Pod (40 available).

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona plans on implementing another “Walk On!” program next year.

The “Walk On!” program is a great example to follow for implementation at your own facility/with your own clients. Creating competitions with various types of rewards (money, various electronic devices, etc) for everyone to participate in can provide additional motivation for your clients to meet their weight loss goals.

Here's a link For more information on Blue Cross Blue Shields “Walk On!” Program: