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Blue clouds fill the air in new Central Park installation

"Clouds" (2013) by Olaf Bruening
"Clouds" (2013) by Olaf Bruening
Courtesy of Olaf Bruening and the Metro Pictures Gallery

Springtime is finally approaching after a very long, cold winter season and what could be a better way to welcome it than with images of bright blue clouds? That’s exactly what you’ll see with Olaf Bruening’s latest installation Clouds in Central Park. These nearly 35 feet tall works stand on the corner of East 60th Street and Fifth Avenue. They consist of six bright blue polished and painted aluminum pieces cut into shapes of clouds.

Bruening’s inspiration came from photograph he took during a 2008 trip to Italy, where he used cranes and cherry pickers to raise large blue drawings of clouds in the air. As an artist who works with many different types of medium, Bruening is best known for stretching his imagination and leading his viewers into a world that focuses on the lighter side of life and exploring new hopes and dreams.

Bruening has displayed his work at many public sites in the past and many solo and group exhibitions around the world. He says that he is “very proud to be able to show my work in a prime New York location like [Central Park]. I love this city and it is since 14 years my hometown.” Clouds is curated by Andria Hickey and supported by the Public Art Fund. It will be on display at Central Park through Aug. 4th.