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Blue Bell Ice Cream Has Arrived in Las Vegas

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David Horner, Sales Manager of Blue Bell Creamery, explained, “We control the purity of our products. Only Blue Bell employees touch them from the time we receive the ingredients to when they are processed, packaged and placed on the grocery shelf.

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Blue Bell Ice Cream is protected from the elements. During the ice cream making process, we flash freeze the ice cream at -100 degrees and later at -20 degrees from the truck and in the store.”

Blue Bell recently added a new distribution center in Las Vegas, in March, 2014.

Blue Bell Creameries’ history dates back to 1907. Originally known as the Brenham Creamery, they opened in the small town of Brenham, Texas with a population of only 15,000 people, 70 miles northwest of Houston.

Their ice cream equipment, a hand cranked wooden tub filled with ice, only produced two gallons a day.

They used a horse and wagon to deliver their products and later upgraded to a horseless carriage, a truck, in 1920. With their first refrigerated truck, business improved.

This is an American success story credited to purchasing the best fresh ingredients direct from Brenham’s farmers.

Named the number-three selling brand in the United States, Blue Bell achieved this honor with distribution in only parts of 23 states only one-third of the country.

“Doctors consider fruit healthy and fruit is the main ingredient in Blue Bell's fruit bars.” David commented, “Our ice cream is low in calories and nutritious. We peel the bananas ourselves on location and within minutes they are in the ice cream and flash frozen to -100 degrees.

Some of the famous fans of Blue Bell’s ice cream, both President’s Bush ordered the ice cream shipped to the White House and Kennebunkport. President George W. Bush frequently served Blue Bell to foreign dignitaries visiting his Crawford ranch.

Even the Astronauts carried Blue Bell Ice Cream into space on several occasions.

The Blue Bell Creameries main production is still in Brenham, Texas, between where more than 140,000 people toured last year.

Join the Blue Bell Country Club on the website, members receive specials and alerts about Christmas, pumpkin, peach, spice, peppermint and other new flavors.

They offer more than just ice cream, there are frozen snacks, sherbet, crunch and novelties, fruit bars and over 250 different products.

Blue Bell is distributed to the Las Vegas metropolitan area as well as Mesquite and Pahrump.

Blue Bell is also featured in all Carrabbas and Outback Steakhouse restaurants. For information about the supermarkets, drugstores and convenience stores that stock Blue Bell Ice Cream, please see their website.