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Blu-ray review: The 2013 ‘Carrie’ isn’t so scary

The 2013 version of “Carrie” will be available to own on Jan. 14.


The film:

The tagline for the 2013 update of “Carrie” reads: “You will know her name.” But the problem is that we’ve known her name for quite some time. And Kimberly Pierce’s update doesn’t really add anything shocking or surprising that the viewer already saw in Brian De Palma’s version.

Of course, Pierce does modernize it – showing one of Carrie’s bullies filming the shower incident with her cell phone and then uploading it to YouTube. But a lot of it is basically the same. There’s the famous prom scene where a bucket of pig’s blood is dumped on the newly crowned queen, and she goes into full attack mode – unleashing her telekinesis powers on the whole school. But Pierce uses a lot of CGI and overcranking during the final moments, and it strips away any intensity that could have been felt. And did we really need three different camera angles to show the bucket dropping on Carrie?

The actors aren’t bad. Chloe Grace Moretz is great as the outcast Carrie, who is starting to discover her powers and hones them before the finale. Julianne Moore and Judy Greer do fine work as well, respectively, as the ultra-religious mother and the gym teacher who tries to help Carrie.

But Pierce’s version doesn’t do anything that’s already been done before, and her version of “Carrie” feels unnecessary and ultimately becomes a bit of a bore.

The Blu-ray:

There are two versions of the film. One is the original theatrical cut, and the other is the same version but with a different ending. The alternate ending is about as ridiculous and anti-climatic as the one featured in the theatrical version.

There is about 10 minutes worth of deleted and extended scenes with optional commentary from Pierce.

“Creating Carrie” goes behind-the-scenes of the film with interviews from the cast and crew.

“The Power of Telekinesis” is a segment in which the cast and crew discuss their thoughts on telekinesis.

One other thing that was great about “Carrie” was its advertising campaign. One example, the “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise,” can also be found in the special features for the Blu-ray. For those who missed it when it originally ran, click here to see it.


Film: C

Special Features: B

Picture/Sound: A/A

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