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Blowout 16 Blows Out Hamtramck Tonight

Metro Times Blowout kicks off its 16th year in Hamtramck tonight!
©Nicole Wrona/MLS

Mr. Szylak- start up the electrical wonderment that is Hamtramck Disneyland, because they're coming. And they are ready to experience all that Hamtramck has to offer, in all its unabashed splendor.

The crowds will descend upon Hamtramck in all its glory, with the scents of Kowalski in the air and the sound of music coming from all angles. It's time for Blowout, the largest neighborhood music festival in the nation.

Kicking it off tonight in Hamtramck are Brooklyn's (yep) Hunters, performing at the Polish National Alliance Lounge. Then it's off to the races. With so many bands, get ready to run around town like a champ going for the gold. Except your trophy will be that golden 40 of Tecate, with a lime of course.

So is it going to be the Whiskey Charmers or Child Bite? Depends what you're into. Will you land at Bakers Streetcar to scope out The Vonneguts or will Bleached or the Hard Lessons make the list?

Round II Hamtramck gives us even more choices, or dilemmas, depending how you look at it. Will it be Raptura or Amateur Anthropologist? Oscillating Fan Club versus Choking Susan... the possibilities endless. Check out as much as you can of this musical playground- here's a handy schedule to keep it all under control.

After all the crashing bands and thunderous applause, maybe some awesome musical renditions from Detroit Party Marching Band, (did someone say Hall & Oates- ooh yeah!) what are we left with- a stunning hangover and some wicked sticky shoes? Not this year. This Blowout is different. We get the Grand Prize; this marks the first time in its 16 years that this event has included two different locales over two weekends.

So, next weekend will be an entirely different scene, with Ferndale providing the backdrop for more music and debauchery. In the end, the agenda is the same: catching some bands and having the best time ever.

Will Blowout trade in its Hamtramck grit for Ferndale glam- losing its edge, becoming just another music festival? Is Hamtramck marked as the Ugly Stepsister, and Ferndale as the Belle of the Ball, or is this a savvy evolution, necessary to catapult it to the next realm of music festivals? The times they are a changin,' and it may depend on what the cat drags in this year.

As the sounds of crashing instruments and screaming garage bands swirl through the air and hit the street, Dmytro quietly turns his lights on full blast, like he does most evenings in Hamtramck. He is, after all, the biggest rock star of them all.

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