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Blow Salon exhibit features Oakland artists Sicily Demiglio and Arthur Velador

Promo for the show at Blow Salon
Promo for the show at Blow Salon
Image Courtesy of Uyeno Design Studio

After major renovations, BLOW Salon, a thirteen year old Berkeley hair styling business that does double duty as a nontraditional art space with monthly art exhibitions will be re-opening on Saturday, January 18, 2014. To commemorate the occasion, the venue, which is located at 2112 Berkeley Way in Berkeley, California, is hosting an exhibit featuring the visual arts of Sicily Demiglio, Tess Muth, Arthur Velador, Jake Resnikof and Hourian, and catered food and beverages by Triple Rock Cutolo Brewery and Habib The opening commences at 7:00pm and ends at 11:00pm.

The artists whose works are being exhibited include Oakland painters Sicily Demiglio and Arthur Velador, and Emeryville artist Tess Muth. Demiglio and Velador both enjoy being part of the ever-growing art scene here in Oakland.

“It’s kind of cool. I moved to Oakland about five years ago,” says Demiglio. “When I moved out here, it was to dive into the things I love, and one of them is art. I heard Oakland has a massive art scene. I found personally that once I moved here, things really began to take off in terms of my art and people showing interest in it.”

Demiglio will be showing five of her works in acrylic on canvas at the exhibition. Arthur Velador, another Oakland artist, will be presenting his unique illustrations of women incorporating graffiti art.

“The art I have included in the exhibit consists of female figures,” said Velador, “and because I was influenced by the rap and hip hop scene growing up, they also reflect street art. I’ve never done street graffiti. I’ve always done it on canvas. It’s basically a praise of the female figure with elements of hip-hop culture thrown in.”

Like Demiglio, Velador is excited about the blossoming art scene in Oakland.

“With the help of the Oakland Art Murmur,” said Velador, “the Oakland art scene has grown tremendously over the past two years. I used to go to the Art Murmur when it first started and it was just a few streets closed down, but now it’s a huge celebration of the arts. I hope it continues. I want to continue to contribute to, support, and be a part of the Oakland art scene.”

Oakland-based Uyeno Design Studio provided the design for the print and internet promotions for the Blow Salon event, which include an image depicting the work of all five artists.

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