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Blount County makes changes to inclement weather plan

Thanks to this year's frequent snowfall, the Blount County system is in danger of running out of snow days--days built into the yearly calendar that school can be closed as a result of inclement weather.  In response to this, Director of Schools Rob Britt has issued a new policy stating that, rather than closing schools down completely, the possibility of a delayed start is likely. 

Schools can be closed either one or two hours early.  In the event of a one-hour delay, start times will be as follows: 

K-5 (Elementary) schools:  8:45 a.m.

6-8 (Middle) schools:  9:20 a.m.

9-12 (High) schools:  9:30 a.m.

In the event of a two hour delay, the following start times will be in effect: 

K-5 (Elementary) schools:  9:45 a.m.

6-8 (Middle) schools:  10:20 a.m.

9-12 (High) schools:  10:30 a.m.

The goals in changing this policy are twofold:  first, it provides a safer way to predict the weather in Blount County without losing an entire day of educational benefits.  Secondly, it prevents the system from running out of snow days, which could result in Saturday school, a shorter summer break, or (as in the past) assigning the first day of a new semester to count toward the previous semester's days. 

This information can also be found on the Blount County website


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