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Blossoming diva, Dana Harper wants us all to Be Alive!



  • Al Olive 6 years ago

    Beautiful voice. The lyrics are a breath of fresh air!! Thank you for sharing your gift. Oh yeah... Thank you very much Ms. Conely..

  • André Fachettii! 4 years ago


  • André Fachetti 4 years ago

    Hi, I´m a Dana´s brazilian fan since last year
    Why it´s so dificulty to find information abaout this young Diva?
    I´m so imprecious with her voice, lirics and all the CD production
    Can you show me a few of her lirics?
    I´m traying to translate, but... I really want that by wrote
    Please, send new informations to
    And thank you for the informations about DANA in your beatiful review

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