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See also: Review is a DIY online flower shop. They are great for bridal bouquets, wedding dinners, etc. Simply select the floral kit of your liking, put it together at home (with easy and well-laid-out instructions, "5 Steps to Get Started") and there you go! Before this review, we did not know that such a service existed. If we had known, we would have wondered why one would purchase such a thing.

Now, we get it. We really get it.

Bloominous sent over for our perusal, the Vintage Cottage Trial Kit and it was absolutely phenomenal! The rose buds were mature and full and every piece was just beautiful. All thorns had been removed. Every piece was intact and the package arrived just when Bloominous said that it would. It was all incredibly impressive and we do not impress that easily!

This package/floral kit includes Blush Roses, White Rosess, Gypsophila, White Mums, Italian Pitts, Rubberbands, Pins and an Ivory Ribbon. This kit makes 1 Bridal Bouquet with fifteen minutes of assembly time. It also comes with one 8X10 color page for specific floral instructions.

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