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Bloomingdale's hosts Fall 2014 men's preview

This week, Bloomingdale's hosted its Men's Fall 2014 preview
This week, Bloomingdale's hosted its Men's Fall 2014 preview
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On May 7, 2014, Bloomingdale’s held an event to preview their Men’s fall collection for 2014. was on the scene for this preview. The collection was very eye catching as it carried a variety of different styles ranging from high quality designer suits down to in-house footwear. Hardy Amies, Kent & Curwen, John Varvatos, Canali and, Theory are some of the designers that were featured in the presentation as they collaborated with the fashion directors at Bloomingdale’s to produce most of the ensembles.

The platform of the presentation showed male mannequins that were already dressed up, folded pieces and hanged up detail pieces like t-shirts and jackets. The way the mannequins were styled complimented the layering technique that most men execute during the fall/winter season. Other items on displays included Hunter bags, white and black Camouflage bicycles, sunglasses, hats and more.

Bloomingdale’s Men’s Contemporary and Kids Fashion Director, Anya Deweerdt explained to us that although some of the pieces were styled by in-house stylists, some were actually requested from designers right off of the runway. What impressed me most about the collection was the way basic and casual pieces were incorporated with prominent detail pieces to create a finished and polished look. Dark rich colors, tweed, and leather were some of the main aesthetics and essentials for the upcoming season, as grey and black seemed to be the dominant colors. Over 1,000 original, fashion forward and, unique pieces will be up for sale in the fall season.