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Bloomberg TV dabbles in dabbing THC

This posting is for adults only. Yesterday, January 7, 2014 you may have been watching the Bloomberg TV report "The Dangerous Way Smokers Get Pot's Strongest High". The presenter was Trish Regan. It should also be noted that Tommy Chong (of Cheech and Chong fame) gave a live interview with the Bloomberg TV crew. This is a gadgets column and the topic today will be the "devices" and process involved in the making of dab (highly concentrated THC). The Bloomberg TV video actually shows some of the process of making butane hash oil with Matthew Segal ("marijuana entrepreneur").

Hemp extract or "hash oil" public domain image from the Wikipedia
Public Domain; Erik Fenderson, 2006-03-02.; Wikipedia;

The Examiner does not encourage or endorse using any of the devices or materials presented due to safety and legal concerns. Even though the users depicted in the video seem to be located in Colorado - outdoor consumption is illegal there. Please do not attempt to produce dab in your location - home labs have exploded. As Mr. Segal demonstrates the raw marijuana is placed in a tank (stainless steel?) and butane is "washed" over it. The purified THC (up to 90% in purity according to Ean Seeb (?) - Denver Relief) is removed from the bottom of the tank. The extract is then piped into the collector. The remainder is "butane hash oil".

Unfortunately (or fortunately) The Examiner does not have permission to embed the Bloomberg TV video on the subject. You will find instead another video on the digital service for finding marijuana dispensaries - Weedmaps. Debra Borchardt (Markets Analyst for Tech Report on The Street) explores the subject of the online service with Justin Hartfield CEO of Ghost Group. Unfortunately McAfee has identified the Ghost Group site as "malicious - blocked" from this station. Upon entering the Weedmaps website you will be confronted with a plethora of marijuana dispensary locations - some 37 (and counting). It is not known if any provide dab.

Even though the US DOJ is said not to be pursuing the legality of recreational marijuana The Examiner still does not endorse or encourage use or possession of the same. One thing, a THC blood concentration of 5 nanograms (per milliliter) is said to be the legal limit in Colorado. Those providing the "legal product" to minors or funding criminal activity should expect to be pursued by the government. It was only yesterday that viewers may have got a dabful on dabbing THC from Bloomberg TV.

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