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Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Group MAIG is Morphing due to Ineffectiveness

Bloomberg's Follies
Bloomberg's Follies

Michael Bloomberg the Former mayor of New York City continues to work to advance his anti-gun agenda. As a result of failed influence and advancements against gun rights he is having to adapt and morph his organization. Like many liberal agendas and areas of interest they can't and won't come out and really tell you their ultimate goal but make no mistake they would love to see an Australian type across the board gun ban.

In an effort to backtrack he has made statements recently to this effect HERE.

Recent article: Women Threaten Michael Bloomberg's New $50 Million Anti-Gun Campaign sheds some great light on his tactics.

Nevertheless, Bloomberg is revamping his whole anti-gun apparatus into one umbrella organization. He's bringing Moms Demand Gun Sense in America and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (or something) into a new organization called Everytown [sic] for Gun Safety.

Additionally, this gun-grabbing cabal won't be pushing for bans on certain weapons, like the AR-15 - but, "will seek to expand the background check system for gun buyers both at the state and national levels," according to the Times. Two words came into my mind when I read that: gun registry.

The list of states they're targeting include Washington State and Colorado, where new gun laws have already passed, or are currently up for a vote through a ballot initiative. Washington State is particularly interesting since the two initiatives are in conflict with each other.

What the anti's and gun grabbers fail to realize is that despite their efforts at demonizing gun owners that gun sales are soaring. One of the fastest segments of gun ownership is women. More & more women across the country see guns as an equalizer when threatened in a violent act. More and more women are getting trained for shooting and concealed carry across the country.

Bloomberg's organization is not without its troubles. Last year Judical Watch filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit against MAIG.

Judicial Watch Sues Mayor Bloomberg for Documents on his Anti-Gun Group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Judicial Watch investigators have uncovered the following about the Bloomberg operation:

Since 2008, MAIG has spent a total of $1,280,000 on federal lobbyists. This excludes $580,000 in in-house lobbying expenses for the organization in 2013 (the first year they reported any such expenditures). The total (in-house and out-sourced) lobbying expenses are $1,860,000 since 2008.
Since 2009, MAIG’s primary lobbying firm has been The Raben Group, founded and led by former Clinton Assistant Attorney General Robert Raben.
Through the United Against Illegal Guns Support Fund, MAIG has paid for regional coordinators to be employed in mayors’ offices throughout the country, including Minneapolis, Columbus, Lewiston, Reading, and Seattle.
In 2010, MAIG provided grants totaling more than $371,000, and at least $346,000 in 2011 to fund these positions. The positions, however, are not cost-neutral for the municipalities in which coordinators are installed. The funding includes a matching requirement that the recipient of the award funds will be required to pay for all fringe benefits provided to the Regional Coordinator and any salary paid to the Region: a minimum of $717,000 over 2010 and 2011.

“We have good reason to suspect that New York taxpayers have been forced to foot the bill for Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun group,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “We have records showing that other municipalities also foot part of his anti-gun lobbying efforts. And it is well past time for the public to have a full accounting from Mayor Bloomberg about MAIG taxpayer-funded activities. Giving the document cover-up, it looks like Mayor Bloomberg has something to hide.”

Bloomberg's transition and shift hasn't gone un-noticed! The NRA picked up on his new tactics and has emphasized the importance for women to be armed and well trained on the use of a firearm.

New Bloomberg Anti-Gun Ad Inadvertently Proves Why Women Need a Gun

As Bloomberg continues to morph and change the name and tactics of his Anti-Gun efforts he continues to be foiled by mis-steps and problems. recently in April Tom Ridge the Former Homeland Security Secretary quit the group.

Tom Ridge Quits New Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group

Mark Boughton, who's also among several GOP candidates in the Connecticut gubernatorial race, said that the group's focus had changed from illegal gun trafficking to broader gun controls.

"It's really become about Bloomberg instead of going after illegal guns," he told The Connecticut Mirror. "Mike Bloomberg overwhelms the entire group. I think its mission has been lost."

Bottomline is that despite what Bloomberg calls his organization he has a track record of doing things against the will of the people and should change his nickname to "Nanny Bloomy". He is all about Big Brother and will trample the rights of individual citizens to advance his nanny state beliefs. He epitomizes the Left and what they stand for.....Big Gov't and Stifling regulations which hurt American's and American business.

Stand Strong & Stand Firm against Bloomberg and others like him!

WELCOME to All Supporters of the 2nd Amendment, Shooting and Firearms Enthusiasts!

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