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Bloom in the sun

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The plants that bloom benefit with being in the sun.

Many plants are at times planted out of the sun, causing less blooms or no blooms to occur.

The morning sun is gentle in its brightness and it is mostly the only time that the plant life that are not native to El Paso, TX can tolerate being in the direct light all day.

It tends to be less intense with the sun in the early part of the day.

If expecting more blooms to appear and they haven't it is most likely not being exposed to enough sunlight. The noted time is anywhere to 4 to 6 hour’s of sun is the average scale for helping the plants to flower.

The flowering plants are a great benefit visually allowing one to enjoy the sights, moreover they incorporate an attraction with the butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and more greatly beneficial to helping with pollination.

It is noted that bee’s are disappearing from pesticide and so on. The process of having blooms available can also help incorporate the activity of bees.

To take notice of the time and location of the sun over the landscape area of the plants during the day can bring a desired spot for that blooming plant.

El Paso, TX sun is quite brilliant, direct and hot during the day especially during the summer season. El Paso, TX is elevated much higher than some other states that may be at sea level and the sun isn’t as direct. Therefore plants unless they are desert native would be better if shielded from all day sun, as noted above.

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