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Bloom arrives today, a DVD gem!


IPhoto: Movieweb

Rian Johnson, the creative force behind the superb 2006 film Brick has another success with his sophomore outing The Brothers Bloom. As he did with the film Brick, Johnson creates a distinct type of universe to tell his story, this time almost giving off a Wes Anderson type of vibe. The story centers on two brothers who make a living conning very rich people out of money. The brothers are played by Mark Ruffalo (Stephen) and Adrien Brody (Bloom). For their last con they target a beautiful heiress named Penelope (Rachel Weisz). It is her inventive character that makes the film so funny and also so charming. Of course, during “the hook” of the con, Bloom and Penelope fall in love with each other. However, instead of following all other con movies, this movie goes in another direction. The story ends up not focusing on some big con at the end or a “who conned who”, but rather focuses on the relationship between the two brothers and the relationship between Bloom and Penelope. The Brothers Bloom is a very funny movie with the humor being more of the witty variety. This is due to the three main characters being so well written and very well developed. I am not trying to con anyone when I say you should see this movie….it is just an easy one to enjoy!

Rythemovieguy's Rating: B+
If this movie had Parents they would be: The Darjeeling Limited & The Sting

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