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Bloody weekend in Chicago: Will children seek refuge in Canada?

At least 14 people, many of them minors, were killed and 68 others were wounded in numerous shooting incidents in Chicago during the Independence Day holiday weekend, according to a number of media reports. In additon, as a result of police-involved shootings, two armed teenage suspects were mortally wounded, according to police.

Rahm Emanuel appears to be doing to Chicago what Barack Obama is doing to the rest of the country.
WH Press Gallery

"It was an extremely violent weekend in the Windy City. I wonder if Chicago families will send their children across the U.S.-Canadian border in order for them to get away from the violence, drugs, gangs, and death," quipped former police detective Henry J. O'Flannery.

"I'm not being flippant. It's a rationale that appears to work for President Barack Obama's administration and the Democrats such as Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., when explaining why children who are illegally entering the country are given asylum. We're told they're escaping from the violence, drugs, gangs, and poverty that's occurring in Central American nations," said the decorated detective who is now a director of corporate security.

True to form, Chicago's police superintendent, Garry McCarthy, blamed the shootings on weak state and federal gun laws. "There's a greater sanction for the gang members to lose that firearm from their gang than there is to go to jail for illegal gun possession," he told CNN, a news source with a group of journalists in total agreement with Democratic Party's obsession with violating Second Amendment rights, according to former police commander, Iris Aquino.

In addition to the shootings, there are news reports of Chicago experiencing six police shootings during the long-weekend. For example, two male teenagers were shot by police including 16-year-old Warren Robinson who was shot dead after being chased by officers on Saturday evening.

Police officers reportedly ordered Robinson several times to drop his gun as he was getting out from where he was hiding under a truck. Police say he refused their order and they shot him to defend themselves.

"Do the shootings of American kids get the same attention by the Obama White House that the illegal alien children from Central America get? I don't believe so," said Laurence Truillo, a former police captain and U.S. Marine Corps officer. "And Obama's pal and former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is the mayor of that city."

"While I watched the reports coming out of Chicago, the city that's given us the current White House inhabitants and many of President Barack Obama's minions, I couldn't help but remember the excuses Americans are given by Obama, administration officials and Democratic lawmakers for allowing illegal alien children and teenagers into the United States," said political consultant and strategist Michael Barker.

"Does that mean our kids in Chicago, Detroit, Camden, N.J., and other high crime cities have the right to illegally cross the border into Canada?"

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