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Bloody day in Iraq with no end in sight

As many as 27 Iraqis were killed and another 59 sustained wounds as a result of four separate car bomb attacks in Iraq's capital of Baghdad on Saturday, a police source reported. The latest series of Sunni Islamist attacks brings the total so far this year to 5,576 deaths and about 11,666 wounded.

The ISIS on Saturday perpetrated a series of terrorist bombings as they continue to gain momentum in Iraq and Syria.
Getty Images/AFP

In the late morning hours a car bomb exploded in the Shiite-dominated district in southern Baghdad, leaving up to 11 people dead and 24 others wounded, according to Daniel Asharaff, a former police detective and now a security consultant.

Almost immediately, another car bomb blast occurred at a Shi'ite mosque in also located in southern Baghdad. That explosion killed two Shi'ites and wounded another 13, Asharaff said.

Further west from the mosque attack, a car exploded in the district of Al-Jihad in southwestern part of Baghdad, leaving five people wounded, but no deaths.

On Saturday afternoon, yet another car bomb blast occurred in the "holy" Shiite district of Kadhmiyah this time in north Baghdad. That blast killed five Iraqis and left 17 others wounded.

The Iraqi people have seen their nation's worst ever security conditions that in early June when armed Sunni Islamists from the treacherous Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) began to ambush and beat the Iraqi security forces and have taken control of much of Iraq's northern and western territories.

Many of the terrorists in Iraq and Syria are foreign fighters from Europe, north Africa, the United States and other countries. For example, at least 1,100 Moroccan nationals are said to be fighting in jihadist and terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

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