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Bloody bedding removed from Nikki Burgess' home

Nikki Burgess has been missing for nearly 3 weeks.  Was she murdered by her son's father?
Nikki Burgess has been missing for nearly 3 weeks. Was she murdered by her son's father?
Photo courtesy of Find Nikki Burgess Facebook page

A sad update makes it all the more likely that Nikki Burgess is deceased. Bedding, stained with blood, as well as brass knuckles, empty bleach bottles, and carpet from the master bedroom, also stained with blood, were removed from her Hermitage, TN home. In addition to this, human decomposition has been detected, both inside her residence and in the trunk of a car registered to the father of her child.

Caleb Cannon, with whom Nikki shares a 10-year-old son, is a known person of interest in her abduction, and most likely, death. The last correspondence from her came in the form of a text message on May 23, sent to her friend Stevie Blainey, saying that she was with Cannon and the two had been arguing.

On May 25, the man in the neighboring duplex, Jamie McCavanaugh, saw two people, carrying what appeared to be furniture, out the back door of Nikki's home. He has seen Cannon before and is confident that one of the men he saw was him. Additionally, a friend of the Burgess and Cannon's son says he saw Cannon carrying two black nylon bags from the residence, and was denied access to the house. It is not known if this is the same friend in which the boy confided that he believed his father had killed his mom.

A search warrant executed at Cannon's home led to the seizure of several weapons, including and axe, several guns, and various types of cords and ropes, leading to the belief that Nikki had been strangled. It will likely be just a matter of time before charges are filed against Caleb Cannon. Evidence seems to be stacking up against him pretty quickly. However, the recovery of Nikki's remains will likely hold the biggest clues as to what happened to her. Hopefully, she is found, if only to give her family the closure they deserve.

From all accounts, Nikki Burgess was a wonderful person, a great friend, and someone that enjoyed life. She did not deserve to meet this kind of fate. If you know something about this case, the right thing to do is to report it.

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