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'Bloodborne,' 'The Order 1886' and more PS4 GamesCom games listed

Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment, used with permission

Sony has provided a list of video games that will be shown off at this year's GamesCom. According to a report from Gaming Bolt on July 26, the company is planning to showcase a variety of first and third-party games on the next-generation system. The massive five day convention takes place at Cologne, Germany starting on Aug. 13.

The two biggest first-party games that will be showcased are "Bloodborne" and "The Order 1886." The former was first announced last month at E3 2014 as a collaborative project between From Software and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio. The action role-playing game was shown off to the invited press although only several seconds of gameplay from the demonstration were made available publicly. A playable demo is expected to be on the show floor for attendees to try out.

"The Order 1886" got a stage demonstration and playable booth at E3 2014. The development team at Ready at Dawn recently stated that more gameplay is going to be displayed in the future after complaints from fans. With GamesCom 2014 being the last major western gaming convention before the launch of the software product, Sony Computer Entertainment could provide a big blowout.

The other interesting games that appear on the list are "Journey," "The Unfinished Swan" and "Until Dawn." All three games have not yet been officially announced for the PS4. Although "Journey" and "The Unfinished Swan" are previously exclusive to the PS3, Sony Computer Entertainment has been porting several popular digital games from the current-generation console to the next-generation system. "Until Dawn" was revealed as a Playstation Move survival horror game on the PS3 before disappearing from the spotlight. It appears that the title may have been turned into a PS4 release.

"The Order 1886" release date has been pushed back from the fall season of this year to Feb. 20 of next year. "Bloodborne" is also set to come out sometime in the same launch window in 2015. A screen of the exclusive action role-playing PS4 game can be found near the top of the article (via the official Facebook of Playstation).