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'Bloodborne' release date for PS4 narrowed down by Sony

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The "Bloodborne" release date has been narrowed down by Sony Computer Entertainment. According to a report from Gamepur on June 16, the company provided a pamphlet at E3 2014 stating that the action role-playing game will be released in the fourth quarter of its fiscal year. As a result, the product should be coming out sometime between Jan. 1 and March 31 of next year.

"Bloodborne" was leaked in advance of the official announcement as several industry insiders reported that From Software is going to team up with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio to work on a PS4 exclusive project, which was initially described as either a sequel or the spiritual successor to "Demon's Souls." Last month, a leak from a message board revealed some screens, and eventually short clips, of a product called "Project Beast." The video game would eventually be announced as "Bloodborne" at the aforementioned E3 2014 event.

The new intellectual property shares several elements in common with "Demon's Souls" and the "Dark Souls" series as the brutal difficulty and menacing enemies are going to be brought back. The core melee combat elements are returning as well although some alterations got made. For example, the battle encounters have more action as the player appears to be maneuvering around faster while the enemies are more aggressive. Finally, the lack of the shield should keeps users on their toes as well.

The PS4 is going to have a big early 2015, especially for role-playing fans. In addition to "Bloodborne," "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" is also coming out in Feb. of next year after being delayed from its 2014 release. "The Order 1886," another exclusive game being published by Sony Computer Entertainment, is also being released at around the same month. A screen featuring some of the enemies from the PS4 exclusive role-playing game can be seen near the top of this article (courtesy of the official Playstation Facebook page). The newest From Software title can be pre-order with the next page: "Bloodborne."


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