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'Bloodborne' PS4 release date, pre-load and more potentially revealed

Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment, used with permission

The exact "Bloodborne" release date have been potentially revealed for PS4. According to a report from Only SP on June 11, Sony Computer Entertainment America opened a pre-order page on the Playstation Store for the new intellectual property. The software product has a listed launch date of March 31 of next year. At E3 2014, the publisher only confirmed a spring release window.

Customers will be able to pre-load "Bloodborne" five days earlier on March 26. The new system-level feature for the PS4 gives user the ability to download the game file in advance. However, they won't be able to play the it until the day of release, usually at midnight. With most new retail releases having big file sizes, the new feature should save some time for those who are willing to purchase the digital copy.

The action role-playing game was leaked before the aforementioned E3 2014 event as an anonymous forum user shared some screenshots as well as several short clips. It ended up being officially announced via a computer-generated trailer at the press conference held by Sony Computer Entertainment. The gameplay of the software product was also demonstrated to attendees on the show floor.

Despite being a new franchise, "Bloodborne" does have a pedigree. The development team behind the "Souls" series is working on the video game. Furthermore, Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of "Dark Souls" and "Demon's Souls," will be leading the production of the upcoming title.

Despite its limited showing, "Bloodborne" is considered one of the best games that were featured at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. It will be joining an already-impressive lineup of PS4 exclusive games in 2015 along with "The Order 1886," "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" as well as the next installment of the "Ratchet and Clank" series that will coincide with the release of the computer-generated movie. A screen from the action-role playing title from the official Playstation Twitter page can be viewed near the top of this article.