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'Bloodborne' playable demo and release date for PS4 discussed

Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment, used with permission

Jun Yoshino has provided an update on the recently-announced "Bloodborne." In an interview with Digital Spy on July 8, the producer of the project revealed that From Software is working really hard in order to launch the action role-playing game in the same time frame as originally promised. The same studio released "Dark Souls 2" earlier this year and will be launching a set of three expansion pack for the sequel later this year as well.

In terms of promotion, Jun Yoshino also confirmed that the upcoming title will be appearing in major gaming conventions in the future. He specifically mentioned GamesCom, which is taking place next month. Players will be able to try out a playable demo of "Bloodborne" for the first time on the show floor. From Software is using the opportunity to see how fans are going to react to the new intellectual property.

Sony Computer Entertainment formally revealed "Bloodborne" during a press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo that occurred last month. The video game features some major changes when compared to "Dark Souls" and "Demon's Souls." The pacing of the action appears to be faster as players won't be able to use a shield and will have to focus on dodging and parrying instead. Due to the power of the PS4, the graphics also got enhanced although a leaked gameplay trailer showed that the frame rate still needs to be cleaned up prior to release.

The new intellectual property has a release date window set for early next year exclusively for the PS4. It will be joining "The Order 1886" as the other big first-party launch on the next-generation console that is coming out in the same period. From Software is collaborating with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio on its development. A gameplay screen showing off the visuals of "Bloodborne" can be seen near the top of this article (via the Facebook page of Playstation).