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'Bloodborne,' 'Destiny' 'Final Fantasy XV' and more discussed by Sony

'Final Fantasy XV'
'Final Fantasy XV'
Photo courtesy of Square Enix, used with permission

Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed another new milestone for the PS4. According to a report from Aus Gamers on Aug. 14, the fourth home console under the Playstation brand has sold more than 10 million units worldwide. The next-generation system was first released in North America on Nov. 15 of last year and has been constantly selling out for months. The console manufacturer eventually solve the stock issue, which increased the pace of getting the system into the hands of consumers.

In another statement, Sony Computer Entertainment also revealed that over 30 million video games have sold at retailers and through the Playstation Store. Some members of the hardcore community aren't still completely pleased with the software lineup for the PS4, however, especially in terms of exclusive titles. The company did provide a list of games that will expand upon the portfolio of the system in the future.

The lineup that was mentioned include "Bloodborne" and "Drive Club," two first-party exclusive titles. Sony Computer Entertainment also highlighted third-party software such as "Destiny," "Final Fantasy XV" and "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain." Finally, the company listed "Astebreed," "Mighty Number 9," "One Upon Light" and "Rocketbirds 2: Evolution" as innovative independent titles that are being released for the PS4.

Of the major releases, "Destiny" is coming out on Sept. 9 while "Drive Club" is due to hit on Oct. 7. "Bloodborne" is scheduled for a release some time during the first quarter of next year. "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" is expected to arrive at around the same period in 2015 as well.

Unlike the other big titles, the release date for "Final Fantasy XV" remains mysterious. The action role-playing game was announced as "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" in 2006 and still does not have a concrete launch window. A logo of the latest mainline release for the popular series can be found near the top of this article (via the "Final Fantasy" official Facebook site).