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Bloodborne blade weapons will litter your screen with 'copious amounts of blood'

Ready for some Bloodborne?
Ready for some Bloodborne?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

Bloodborne is the successor to the critically acclaimed Demon's Souls, and From Software knows they have their hands full with trying to top the former. Sony has secured Bloodborne as a PS4 exclusive for next year, which is already quite full with exclusive titles for the system.

Masaaki Yamagiwa, who works at Sony's Japan Studio and is a producer on Bloodborne, spoke about the game's weapon design and how it reflects the appropriate evolution of setting the game during the 19th Century.

"With Bloodborne we are also seeing an evolution in the weapon design. Set in a more modern 19th Century style gothic setting, you’ll have firearms like the blunderbuss shotgun at your disposal to drive back multiple enemies at a distance, and to do massive damage at close range. But the core of the combat will be the transforming blade weapons that decorate the screen with copious amounts of blood," Yamagiwa said.

We've primarily seen gameplay featuring blade weapons so far, but the shotgun seems very intriguing. In fact, the blunderbuss shotgun brings back memories of Black Flag's Adewale and the shotgun he wielded during his single-player DLC story. That thing ruined enemies during close range combat and here's hoping the blunderbuss does the same in Bloodborne.

Moving on, the saw cleaver Sony revealed at E3 2014 was quite devastating to say the least. Yamagiwa talked about how the weapon will be able to adjust to accommodate different types of strikes, aside from just close range attacks.

"At E3 we introduced the first of these weapons, the saw cleaver. In its short form, it is perfect for quick successive attacks at close range. By transforming it into its long form, you’ll be able to deal larger amounts of damage with more powerful long-range strikes.

"However, these longer reaching strikes take longer to swing, so you will be vulnerable to attack during the wind-up. What’s more, you can transform the blade mid-combo and that transformation of the blade itself becomes a unique attack (check this out in action in the trailer)," Yamagiwa said.

Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive and will be launching sometime next year. We do not have a time frame from Sony, but we expect it to launch sometime during the second half of 2015.

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