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Blood Transfusions and Jehovah Witnesses. Don't Believe The Lie.

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Medical Arm band
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Death is always tragic. Made even more so, when it can be easily avoided. Jehovah Witnesses world wide refuse life saving blood transfusions based on their belief that the Bible speaks against it. It is a deadly prohibition based on a legalistic and erroneous interpretation of scripture. Jehovah Witnesses who blindly obey this grim philosophy become victims of their own faith. Most are adults, many are children. All died needlessly.

While researching this topic, it was sad to see the abundance of cases available, aiding in assembling this article. Heart breaking stories of loved ones who died at the hands of those JW family member who follow this diabolical doctrine. The following is only one of the many.

Emma Gough

In November of 2007, Mail Online published a story about 22 year old Emma Gough, who died after giving birth to twins. She held her son and daughter long enough to bond before suffering a sudden hemorrhage. The doctors could not save her. She had lost to much blood. As a Jehovah Witness, Emma had signed a form before the birth that prevented doctors from administering a blood transfusion, it would have easily saved her life.

The staff at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital begged her husband Anthony, 24, and her other JW relatives to allow the transfusion. However, because they believe the Bible teaches against this life saving technique, the family would not sanction the treatment.

A Look At Scripture

Jehovah Witnesses typically use 5 scripture to support their position against this medical practice -Gene sis 9:4; Leviticus 17:10; Deuteronomy 12:23; Acts 15:28, 29 and Leviticus 17:14 without exception, these verses are talking about dietary standards; the ingesting of blood through the digestive system. The Bible is silent on the practice of using blood for medical purposes. Understandably so, the ability to give blood for life saving purposes is a modern advancement.

It is important to note that the practice of drinking blood has been used in satanic and pagan religion sense the dawn of time. Abstaining from the eating of raw meet and drinking blood helped distinguish the children of Israel from other religions and helped keep them healthy as well.

In an Emergency

Blood transfusions do carry an element of risk. Human error has led doctors to give the wrong blood types. Improper filtering and poor screening of donors have allowed diseases to be past on. There are alternatives providing your doctor knows ahead of time. However, in a moment of an emergency, you doctors need to be allowed to act. JW’s who insist on alternatives in moments of crisis, force doctors to waste precious time that the patient may not have.


Jesus Said “I have come that you might have life more abundantly” John 10:10. Doctrines such as those that regulate this particular JW’s doctrine bring death more abundantly. Remember that Salvation is a gift freely given, and it is by grace that we are saved through faith, not of works. Ephesians 2:8-9. Religions like JW's attempt to earn their salvation. If they understood the grace of God, a simple blood transfusion would not be an issue.


Any religion, whose salvation is earned by human effort, enslaves its follower’s in legalistic acts of service. Legalism focuses on the do’s and don’t in scripture and is out of touch with the love that God has towards His people. For the legalistic, breaking a law takes away their salvation. Religions like the JW’s must work to be saved. They labor and toil, offering good works and obedience to the law, as payment for sin. They don’t understand that Jesus is our payment for sin. He is our righteousness. (Philippians 3:9) Salvation is not given to us because we follow the laws in the bible, but rather, because Christ Jesus died for our sins. (Romans 6:10) He is our payment and our fulfillment of the Laws of God ( Matthew 5:17).

It's OK

Let us serve God freely, offering up our good deed as gifts, expecting nothing in return. Let your good works be love letters to God, not payments for sin. Allow yourself to trust Christ Jesus to be your righteousness, and for heaven’s sake, in the event of an emergency, don’t be afraid that God will take away your salvation if you have a blood transfusion

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