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Blood Ties: The Complete Series


Blood Ties: The Complete Series on DVD & Blu-Ray

The first & second season of Blood Ties is now available on DVD, continuing the story of the sexy, hot private investigator Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox) who gets a little help from her friends, handsome police detective Mike Celluci (Dylan Neal) and the local artist/writer/vampire female heartthrob Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid). At least she used to get help from these two, but season two starts off with a lot of conflict for the characters. It seems that Vicki’s reliance on Mike and her on again/off again love for him is causing some mental anguish along with problems at work with his boss. Celluci must decide if he’s willing to risk his livelihood and career for Vicki and her wild adventures dealing with vampires, demons, witches and zombies.

Henry, on the other hand, about bites the dust. Vicki makes a deal with the Devil in her actions that she takes to save Fitzroy. Instead of being appreciative he becomes angry with her and begins seeking a new Canadian city to live in partially due to her actions and partially due to her on again/off again fascination and love for Henry.

7 DVDs or Blu-Ray discs collects 22 episodes, a photo galleies and a preview of the seasons and a few interviews. Unfortunately the series gets staked and laid to rest way before the storyline from the novls was fully explored. There is some talk about reviving the show due to the overwhelming response from the fan base but who knows what the future holds for this Vampire Detective series based on the excellently written books by Tanya Huff (Daw Books). More information and possibly your voice can be heard at the Blood Ties petition site.

Kyle Schmid, Christina Cox & Dylan Neal

If you never had the opportunity to see the series but enjoy some of the other recent vampire TV programs that have come, gone or are currently playing you will probably enjoy Blood Ties. Although there is sexual tension and some action with violence, the series doesn't quite make a PG-13 rating. Nothing overtly sexual or gore-soaked. By the same token this is not  material and subject matter meant for young kids. The scripts are relatively well-written; the cinematography is pretty decent, although there are some still images used for exteriors of the building Henry lives in that are a bit weak; the directing could be a little better, especially with attention to continuity and realism with some of the violence and action; but the acting is very well done. All three main characters are pretty believable and though there isn't quite as much depth to them as there is in the novels, there is enough there within the actor's abilites to help the viewer relate to the characters. It really is a shame this series didn't see the light of the moon for a third season.

The running time totals just over 17 hours. It’s presented in full screen and Dolby Digital Stereo. It is closed captioned but there are no subtitles. There is a thin, 4-page color booklet in the case, but as far as extras go the set lacks a little.


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