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Blood spatter nails for Halloween

Step One: Cover nail evenly with polish
Step One: Cover nail evenly with polish
Amy Conklin

A friend of mine was thrilled when she discovered how-to do this blood spatter nail effect. I'd be lying if I said I too didn't think it was one of the coolest Halloween (or anytime) nail arts around this fall. While I am not sure who started this method of creating spatter on nails, I am thankful they did and give them full-silent credit. The process is easy, and I show you step-by-step how to achieve this super easy design.

1) Using a white, or flesh colored nail polish, cover your nail as you normally would with two even coats to each of your nails. Let dry.

2) Cover the skin around your nail top, bottom, and each side with Scotch tape (be careful not to get the tape on the nail itself or over the polish).

3) Pour a few drops of deep or bright red polish on your makeshift pallet.

4) Rub your straw tip around in the red polish, immediately hold the straw above your nail and quickly blow out. Use one quick breath.

5) Once you have repeated step 4 for each nail, go through and see if you may need to add another spatter or two on some of your nails. (sometimes when you blow, no polish will come out, simply re-dip your straw in the polish and try again).

6) When you're satisfied that your nails look as though you stood too close to a violent crime scene, take off the tape from around your nails (careful not to touch the nail with your fingers or the tape). Once you are sure that your nails are completely dry, go ahead and put a coat of clear nail polish on top. Voila!

This nail look is sure to get you some attention at the supermarket.


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