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Blood Reign Releases First Anthology

Blood Reign Print Cover
Blood Reign Print Cover
Thrillerz 13 Entertainment

Blood Reign is pleased to announce its yearly anthology is now available in both print and digital format! It is available to order from Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes N’ Noble, and Smashwords. For more information visit our Blood Reign Store for you reading preference:

The 2014 Blood Reign Anthology entitled, “Silent Scream” features a wickedly morbid array of independent authors from around the world.

From vampires to zombies to aliens to werecats attempting to take over the world Silent Scream has something for everyone interested in the macabre world of the horror!

Silent Scream also hosted a best Independent short story contest. The winners were (1st) “Jenny” by Mijat Vujacic, (2nd) “To Be Thirsty” by Melissa Stanizale, and (3rd) “Canopic Servitude” by Essell Pratt.

The first place author Mijat Vujacic is a Serbian author who has published three horror novels in his native Serbia. As a part of his first place package he will receive an engraved prize, a free copy of the print version of the anthology, and an author platform to introduce him to the English speaking world.

Second place author Melissa Stanizale was accepted into the Horror Writers Association as a supporting member with publication in Blood Reign’s first edition last October. She will receive a second place certificate and author platform.

Third place winner Essell Pratt is a very busy member of the Horror Writers Association and recently released his debut novel! He will receive a third place certificate, a professional day planner, and some Blood Reign Swag.

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