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Blood moon rising

blood moon
blood moon
Chris Hill & Paul Robinson

The crimson moon that occurred last night was a spectacular space phenomena. In many areas of the U.S., skies were clear during the eclipse. At around 11:58 pm mountain time, the umbra (earth's shadow) started progressing across the moon's surface, and when the lunar eclipse was full, the moon became an eerie orange red color. To field observers, the moon looked like another world high in the night sky. It was almost like being in the Twilight Zone looking at another planet.

The orange red appearance is the result, during full eclipse, where only a ring of earth's sunrise and sunset light is reflected back off the moon's surface. If one were to be on the moon at the same time, the earth would likely appear to have a black surface surrounded by a ring of red fire.

The strange uniqueness of the red moon has spawned myths and religious significance since the dawn of humanity. The red moon is often believed to be a sign of change.