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Blood Moon: Lunar eclipse 2014 to be seen in U.S.

Red Moon
Red Moon

Blood moon, which is the moon appearing to be dark red and is caused by the Earth blocking the sun’s rays from the moon - a lunar or moon eclipse - will be seen in the United States early on Tuesday, according to ABC on Tuesday. Specifically, at 12:58 a.m. CDT on Tuesday morning, April 15, the moon will go into the Earth's shadow. The moon will continue to darken during the total phase from 2:06-3:24 a.m. before becoming lightened again sometime after 4 a.m. The middle of the lunar eclipse - blood moon - will be at 2:45 a.m.

The lunar eclipse is being linked to religion. In 2014, the religious overtones occur due to the dates on which the blood moons will occur. Much like the Mayan Prophesy which occurred two years ago, the series of total lunar eclipses – commonly referred to as the tetrad – is causing much speculation.

Reportedly, there are to be eight tetrads in the current century. The religious connections to the current tetrads are obviously being linked because of the dates on which they occur. The next tetrad coincides with the full moon of Passover on April 15 and April 4. Additionally there will be occurrences on Oct. 8 and Sept. 28 which are the dates of the Jewish observance of Sukkot.

The next occurrence of the blood moon will be at midnight on April 15, 2014. Though experts say nothing will happen – like the end of time – or anything else, the religious implications are created from the Bible’s Revelations 6:12 which says:

I watched as He opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair. The whole moon turned blood red.

In the past, prior to the world’s current technological advances which have proven otherwise, the blood moon was believed to preceed tragedy on earth. Naturally, much has changed. Science, and particularly the technology that has accompanied it in recent times, have squashed many assertions that claim it's all about religion and the end of time.

Some facts about a lunar or moon eclipse, according to ABC News, are that all lunar eclipses only occur when there is a full moon as opposed to solar eclipses which happen at new moon. A total lunar eclipse happens only if the entire moon is in the Earth's shadow. The moon enters the dark portion - or umbra - of the Earth's shadow about an hour before the total lunar eclipse. And again, the name blood moon comes from the dark red appearance during the total lunar eclipse.

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