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Blood moon: First 'blood moon' anticipated April 15, three more to follow

A "blood moon" is expected in the middle of the month, around April 15. This so-called "blood moon" is actually a total lunar eclipse that will leave the moon looking red-orange (like blood) for just over an hour (about 77 minutes). On April 2, WebProNews reported that this will be the first "blood moon" of four expected over the next two years.

"During a total lunar eclipse, a full moon almost always exhibits a coppery red color, which is due to the scattered light from the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets that fall on the surface of the moon," reports WebProNews.

The "blood moon" is very symbolic to different religions such as Judaism and Christianity. In fact, both lunar eclipses this year will be on or near Jewish holidays. Many believe that these moon positions are connected to a prophecy -- and the fact that the moon will appear different on "major feast days" recognized by the Jewish community.

According to the report, the four blood moon coming in 2014-2015 land on Jewish Passover and the Feast of the Tabernacle each year (4/15/14, 10/8/14, 4/4/14, and 9/28/15). As for Christians, some associate the total lunar eclipse with the second coming of Christ (via WebProNews).

More on the "blood moon" in the video above.

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