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Blood moon: 'Apocalypse' fears grow as blood moon approaches

A blood moon is expected on April 14-15 -- the first of four over the next 18 months. On April 4, CBS San Francisco reported that the rare lunar eclipse will make the moon appear a reddish-orange hue (similar to blood) and that this will happen three more times before the end of 2015. You will be able to see the red-colored moon if you look outside at night.

The total eclipse will begin in Boston around 1:20 a.m. on April 15th. The earth's shadow will cover the moon and eventually you will be able to see the color transformation which will only last about 100 minutes.

The blood moon has many believing that the end of the world is near -- or that the second coming of Christ is upon us. Since these rare eclipses only happen once every 500 years, it's a thought that has crossed the minds of many Bible readers/theory believers.

"Biblical prophecies talk of the sky turning dark (usually a solar eclipse) or the moon turning to blood (usually a lunar eclipse)," reports CBS San Fransisco. Some people have pointed out that each time these moons appear, something happens relating to a Biblical prophecy of sorts.

More on the blood moon and the fear of "impending doom" in the video above.

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