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Blood Moon Eclipse Visible and Intense

Eclipse Blood Moon
Eclipse Blood Moon

Solar and Lunar eclipses have long had significant effects on human interrelationships and worldly events. Astrologers and non-astrologers alike have noted how a solar or lunar eclipse can changes the course of events in romances, personal futures, and key historic moments. What is not often discussed is how these cosmic shadow dances interact with other astrological aspects and alignments to magnify the energies involved. As will be seen below, in a real sense, these ecliptic events can caste much longer shadows than might be imagined.

Lunar eclipses are viewed with both awe and dread in many cultures. The primal understanding of Luna’s impact on our internal rhythms and emotions as well as the tides and oceans heightens human awareness when the Moon “vanishes”. Total eclipses often lead to the observation that the moon’s light turns red. Perhaps it’s not surprising that both sky watchers (astrologer and astronomers), maybe tapping into a long-lost genetic memory which refers to total eclipses as “Blood Moons”.

April 14-16 things begin to heat up as Mercury the Messenger squares both Jupiter and the Pluto while going conjunct with Uranus. Pluto also goes into reverse on April 14 bringing that energy to bear on things. Financial markets begin to tremble once again and some saber-rattling from “the usual suspects” gets louder. Suspicions that the truth is being badly distorted leads to displays of anger and possible some violent confrontations in previously quiet areas-Germany, England are two strong possibilities for this kind of activity. Sensory overload contributes to the confusion and leads to some shoot from the lip comments that only add fuel to the fires. Even the weather seems to get in on the act as some wildly deviant meteorological activity like snow storms in California, have everyone wondering: What’s Next?

Geological and meteorological impacts are also likely between the 23rd and 30th of April. A rash of tornados causes major damage across a wide stretch of the middle of the country; these may also strike an unlikely area (New England?). Almost simultaneously, an earthquake at or near the Pacific Rim (Ring of Fire) sets off a major crisis that extends far beyond the epicenter. There is even the likelihood of an unexpected volcanic episode. Truly, it may seem that even the planet wants to shrug off the old and outdated to form something new.”

This is going to be a volatile period in the next few weeks and months. The west coast could experience a large earthquake, financial institutions will come under pressure and personal lives will be affected. Don't be surprised when you hear it in the news of some major scandals burst out on your news screen and odd climatic events occur.

The last few days in April could bring instability in personal lives and on a global scale. This Lunar Eclipse will start the ball rolling, and while it may not be evident during the eclipse, it will become so in the following days, weeks and months. Lunar Eclipses pack a very powerful punch, and when things come undone we can just blame it on the moon.

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